Israel vs Palestine – a pacifist’s view

imageI’ve had enough. The world has had enough. I hope the parties involved have had enough. This is an ongoing, hopeless, conflict and no-one will win.

I am a very ordinary person, sitting here in an English county. I have no special knowledge of the situation. I’m tired of seeing dead children and I’m aghast at what appears to be indifference from our so called “World Leaders”. Human life on both sides is sacred. Everyone has the right to live in peace.

I want you to imagine something impossible for a moment. Imagine that, on a temporary basis, we have an ordinary, unbiased, uncorrupted bunch of people running the UN. An idealist fantasy, if you will.

Leaders of both sides stand before us.

(I forgot to say, this group of people in the UN temporarily have unilateral powers.)

We order Israel & Palestine to split the country down the middle. 50/50 in terms of fertile land, resources and access.

This is a non-negotiable border. Any attempt to breach it is an act of war against the rest of the world & leaders will be brought to justice

Both parties must acknowledge the other’s right to exist.

Religious sites must be held as neutral ground. No settlements will be allowed in those areas, within a defined perimeter. These will be policed by an external force.

The border will be policed and managed by a neutral international force. Armed to the teeth if necessary.

Free access through the border for reasons of commerce will be allowed.

We now have two independent states, on the condition that both are run by moderate governments.

Extremists of all flavours will be tried for Crimes Against Humanity and punished accordingly.

There will be a global embargo on arms sales to either party. There will be an amnesty on all war crimes to date. We start from now, towards peace.

All weapons of mass destruction will be put out of action and all arms destroyed.

The only foreign aid allowed into either country will be utilised for commercial and humanitarian purposes.

Both states will require equal basic infrastructure, access to energy, water etc – this will NOT be in the power of external countries.

The Israeli settlers must return to Israel. Under force, if necessary. Otherwise they are deemed extremists and dealt with accordingly.

Provision of aid for them to set up new homes will be provided, with the same facilities available to Palestinians, Christians, Jews or any other as needed.

Foreign Governments will be banned from interference in either state. That goes for any monetary ‘support’ which encourages war. Humanitarian funding will be directed to areas where needed.

Any foreign lobbying related to political interests in the region will be outlawed. Any foreign donations to MP’s or Political Parties will be illegal.

Jewish people will have the right to live in new Israel and displaced Palestinians will have the right to return to the new Palestinian state.

Any neighbouring powers seeking to create unrest will be dealt with locally by the Arab League and the UN. There will be a policy of humanitarian support only.

Racist propaganda will be banned. Children will be educated neutrally with no political or ideological bias. Religion is a private matter for each family to decide.

In summary:

2 state solution

Profits made from war directed into humanitarian efforts.

Permanent lawful borders

Strict adherence to pacifism, punishable internationally

Support in rebuilding phases

Freedom for all citizens


Naïve, I know. But a nice thought. If only….