An open letter on Men’s Rights


Circulated at Arizona University by Men's Rights Activists

Circulated at Arizona University by Men’s Rights Activists

Dear Men’s Rights chaps,

I’m writing this open letter to you because it’s clear than no-one has explained to you the benefits of a benign Matriarchy.

I’ll try to set out the key points so that you can come to your senses and see for yourselves how much your life could be improved.

You might get laid, for starters. With your newly defined status as sex objects, even if you are ‘plain’ by most standards, there will be a woman or women that wouldn’t mind “giving you one”; particularly if you take the care to pretty yourself up and wear clothing we find ‘provocative’.

You’d find a whole new range of careers, too. You could be the assistant to a glamorous business woman, a nanny to some challenging children, a nurse or primary school teacher – all delightful ways to put you in touch with your nurturing side. You won’t be paid or valued much, but think of the personal satisfaction!

If you are deemed conventionally attractive, you might find a role as a call boy, a model, an erotic dancer or a porn star – you WILL be well paid and have lots of opportunity for sex – wouldn’t that be nice?

If a wealthy woman takes a fancy to you, well, you’ll have a fantastic lifestyle. Imagine shopping with your friends all day and enjoying exotic holidays, while your looks last, of course. I’m afraid there won’t be any alimony, because we will have abolished that, but you’ll have some fabulous memories to think back on; once you are traded in for a younger model.

As for being ‘butch’, of course this will be encouraged. We still need you to do the sweaty, grunty stuff your genetics designed you for.

If, on the other hand, you are ‘good with computers’ as so many of you activists seem to be, there will be jobs for you, as well. You can take care of all the admin, while the women are out doing the important stuff.

We’re not sure that you are responsible enough to have a vote, because, after all, you made a mess of the world while you had the power; but don’t worry your pretty little heads about that.

You can learn to cook, clean and look after the kids and running of the household in addition to your full time job, it’s challenging, but you can have it all! Aren’t you lucky!

There will be education,of a kind, open to you, mainly focussing on your support skills, manual trades and homemaker training – you’ll be in the company of your fellow men, so you can indulge that tribal instinct of yours with breaks to run about and get sweaty with a ball.

You’ll have to make the most of it, though, because in twenty years or so, we’ll be making you redundant. Once we’ve milked the brightest, fittest, attractive and most compliant of you of your sperm reserves, you will, in fact, be obsolete and because so many of us will abort boy babies, your numbers will diminish, but no matter, enjoy it while you can!

You will, of course, be expected to live up to impossible ideas of physical beauty, but think of it as a hobby, that will last you all your life and utilise those hunting instincts of yours to find the best plastic surgeons and clothes designers to make you attractive to women. It’ll keep you pretty busy!

So, all in all, what’s not to like? So stop tweeting nonsense, or creating silly little websites and come to momma. You know you’ll love it, you dirty little bitches.

Yours patronisingly,


Madame Wilde

8 thoughts on “An open letter on Men’s Rights

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  2. I was moderately surprised and pleased when I misread the list of suggested careers and thought I would be taking care of changelings.

  3. Are you even human? Girls like you(no youre not a woman and youll never be one, because you don’t realize what it is) make me want to become muslim or reduce youre rights to that of children. Maybe we should, you are destroying everything that is good with the world because you think it’s so grand being a man… Like children with too much power you wreck havoc where noone needs to be wrecked, creating problems where there are none because you are too stupid to realize you are just a tool of an ideology you were born into — the most mainstream bs of the 21st century — Feminism.

    • You are kidding us evilman ?

      If No -thank you for inadvertently confirming the truth behind Scarlet’s “flip-side” blog, there really are people who think like you claim to.

      Have you considered treatment for your bone-headed but impotent misogyny ?
      Perhaps you should and not work yourself up into a frenzy of sexual frustration and inadequacy like unfortunate nutter Elliot Rodger did on the so called “Men’s Rights” websites

      Misogyny and prejudice is alive and well and just beneath the surface of even polite society, and often quite blatant on some right wing websites, including some which Elliot Rodger frequented.

      One seriously smart lady, Mary Anne Franks (Professor of Law,Miami -first video clip and from 4:30s in the main video) has some interesting and relevant thoughts on misogyny gone nuts

      Elliot Rodger’s killing spree near the University of California, Santa Barbara was a particularly extreme case of misogynistic violence, but the hatred in his 140-page manifesto is too commonly experienced by women everywhere, University of Miami law professor Mary Anne Franks told HuffPost Live.

      “The problem for most women when they looked at that manifesto and they looked at these videos is not how strange he sounds, it’s how familiar he sounds, because we’ve [nearly] all heard some measure of those sentiments in some form in our lives,” Franks said.

      Rodgers killed more men than women in the attack, but Franks told HuffPost Live’s Ricky Camilleri that this doesn’t take away from its misogynistic motivations.

      “The reason why he hated men was because they received the thing he thought he deserved,” she said. “He did not think he was entitled to men’s bodies. He did not think he was entitled to sexual submission from men. What he was resentful about was that some men got those privileges and he did not. So that was part and parcel of his sexism and part and parcel of his misogyny.”

      Most misogyny is based on inadequacy and insecurity about loss of perceived status. This is commonly intensified by sexual frustration amongst the more inadequate men

      You have considerable work to do on your appreciation of humour wit and truth.
      Your mood and intellectual alertness may improve if you are able dissipate the frustration and find a woman willing to have sex with you. If you have to pay for the sex it is an indication that the lady is out of your league outside of a short term financial arrangement.

      I would encourage you to find your equal by mail order e.g.

      PLEASE do not order one of the dolls which is clearly pre-pubescent because you are sick enough already.
      (and it is illegal in civilised countries)

      Sorry if this is a little strong but a potential flip-side of wanting to “treat women as children” is wanting to treat children ……like women 😛

  4. Hi Scarlet,

    I see you are delaying publication of my last comment “Are misogynists often paedophiles?”.
    -Was it too confrontational? -Sorry.

    I just gave your post a mention on “Blame the feminists for lad culture”:

    Hopefully they will publish, they are usually okay about publishing counter argument.

    It will give you a giggle I hope.

  5. No, sorry I shan’t pause. Why all the fear, finger pointing, labelling and general misinformed feminist hypocritical bullshit about Men’s rights? Couldn’t be that you find it a threat to your comfortable lifestyle won through unfair divorce settlements could it? Funny that in among all your selfish squeal like stuck (feminist) pigs whingeing about unjust laws, you call for those ones to be changed, eh? And as for messing things up when we “had” power, you could have advanced the world as much as we did without the less than wholesome side affects? You lot couldn’t run a bath, much less a world IF we’d left it to you, the human race would still be living in caves banging rocks together. Call it satire and humour if you like, it doesn’t detract that it’s yet another typical self serving, anti Male rant by a two faced wind and piss bag. EVERY feminist is, whether they will it or not a stinking hypocrite.

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