Megan Stammer – Victim or Seductress?

Excuse the torrid headline.  I ask, because current views are so distorted. The woman as either Madonna or Whore is still so widespread. The news is full of the story of the 15-year-old schoolgirl Megan Stammer who ran away to … Continue reading

Would you pay more for a child-free flight?

Should there be child-free spaces where only adults are allowed? I ask this because two airlines have just released a special section on board (you pay extra) where only adults and children over 12 can travel, away from screaming toddlers … Continue reading

Occupied or Vacant?

Here in Britain, we’ve had our version of occupy Wall Street, that, for a time, occupied the land outside St Paul’s Cathedral in the city. Our press was full of scathing comments about the protesters in London, labelling them as … Continue reading

Do you know a psychopath?

Just finished reading Jon Ronson’s “The Psychopath Test” – a very entertaining book that takes you on ‘A journey through the madness industry’. He interviews Scientologists, which as a group, seek to discredit all Psychiatrists – seemingly from a long … Continue reading

Abortion Story update

  The woman who aborted her baby with drugs purchased from the Internet, one day before it was due (see previous post) has been sent to prison for eight years.   There’s another story behind this. The Judge who sentenced … Continue reading

The perfect female face – a pointless experiment?

; The perfect female face can be defined mathematically, apparently. Like the old artist's tradition, there are a set of 'golden proportions' that constitute universal attractiveness, so say some 'scientific” studies. Another stick to beat us with, ladies. Let's see … Continue reading


Small and strangely droopy This week the world has gone mad about a pair of small and strangely droopy tits. Yep, I’ve seen the pics and they’re not worth all the hype, although I am grateful for the web traffic … Continue reading